Paintings done in 2013

Michael S. Fenton's Art


There is a story in each of these selected examples of my 2013 work. Some of these were done on commission. Some were part of an idea inspired by music and some of my favorite musicians. Seduction of Liberty was a political statement at a point when I felt great animosity toward our elected officials of both parties. I saw them all as greedy criminals each attempting to corrupt the foundation of our nation. If I painted it today, it would be less subtle.

Art makes the world a better place.

2013 or earlier

"Belcastle" Oil

Black & Blue Series- Nina Simone

"Nina Simone" from Black and Blue series, Oil

Black & Blue, Study of Muddy Waters to Eric Hinton Collection

"Muddy Waters" from Black and Blue Series, Oil

Black Gloves Blue Dress

"Black Gloves" Oil

Black Gloves

"Black Gloves, Black Dress, Oil


"Blues Singer", Oil

"Bretagne", Oil

Dr. John

"Dr John", Oil

Elizabeth's Music

"Elizabeths Music", Oil

"Erie Canal", Oil


"Gloria Portrait:, Oil and Resin

Gemini II

"Genini", Oil

Gloria in Towl

"Woman in White I", Oil

Hermit Russia



"Seduction of Liberty", Oil

Jazz Singer II

"Singer", Oil


"Job", Oil

"Lod", Oil

Miles Davis

"Miles", Oil

Monkey on My Shoulder

"Monkey and Friend", Oil

Old Hippie

"Fred's old hippie buddy", Ink Wash

Private Dancer

"Private Dance", Oil

Red & Black

"Red and Black", Oil


"Steambath" Oil on boad, Resin


"Sara in Paris", Oil

Season's End

"Season's End", Oil


"Slash", OIl

Songe d'un Soir d'Eté (Sold)

"Songe d'un Soir d Ete',OIl

Spring Poppies in Provence

"Spring Poppies", Oil

Spring en Provence

"Spring in Provence", Oil

White Ruffle

"Ruffle", Oil

Woman in White

"Woman in White Profile", Oil

Woman sitting on a ball

"Woman on the ball", Oil

Women who lunch- Chairlady

"Madame Chairlady", Oil

Young Woman IV

"Jersey Girl", Oil

Young woman III

"Young Woman" Oil

BB King

"BB King" Oil