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Cooter, 12x12 Oil

Bill Barone

Bill, 16x20 Oil

Conventional Man

Conventional Man, 16x20 Oil


Chet Baker, 16x20 Oil

Mimi at the window

Mimi at the Window, 16x20 Oil

Mongolian Hat

Mongolian Hat, 16x20 Oil

Red Tie

Red Tie, 16x20 Oil

Sorrow Study in BB Pen

Ball Pen study for "Sorrow"


Sorrow, 16x20 Oil


Hope, 12x12 Oil

Howlin Wolf I BBP

Howlin Wolf, Ball Pen Sketch

Howlin Wolf BBP

Howlin Wold, ball Pen Sketch

A Pig

Picture of a Pig, banned from a Johnson and Johnson exhibit