Michael S. Fenton's Art

Why Realism?

The visual fine arts of drawing, painting and sculpture are best understood first last and always as a language; a visual language. It was developed and preserved first and foremost as a means of communication very much like spoken and written languages. And like language it is successful if communication takes place and it is unsuccessful if it does not.
Fredrick  C. Ross

Art makes the world a better place.


"The Hunters" Oil, 16x20

"Women in Jazz I", Oil,

"Women in Jazz II" Oil.


"Tribute to Lena", Oil


"Wine Tasters I", Oil

Lisa's Red Hat

"Mona's Red Hat", Oil and Rsin

Selfie in progess

"Selfie", Oil and Resin


"The Runner", Oil

Violin 2 back

"Violin...Mo Town Theme" for NJPAC

Violin 2 front

"Violin...Mo Town Theme" for NJPAC

Women II

"Young Woman II", Oil


"Young Woman I", Oil