Michael S. Fenton's Art

Art makes the world a better place.

It is supposed to be important to provide credentials about one’s work in order to gain respect. This is what I’m told by academics and a few others. I believe the work should speak for itself just like a person should be judged by deeds rather than degrees and titles. But we live in a world of superficiality and not wanting to totally “diss” tradition, I will provide some of this kind of information but i will not waste your time or mine by listing every place I’ve shown my work or every buyer of my art or every ribbon my work has earned. I will tell you that each of my pieces is a part of my soul and window to my mind and you can either accept that or not.

I’ve received many honorable mentions in local art shows. I’ve earned Awards of Merit and Excellence, A National Arts Program 1st Place and Best in Show and the best commendation of all, I’ve sold scores of paintings to people who have them hanging in their homes or offices. My work is also on display in a schools as part of the architecture of the building, in two museums concerned with history of the location, in a juvenile detention center and it has been stolen and resold to unsuspecting buyers as the work of an artist who has tragically died young.

I have exhibited in colleges, museums, arts centers, theaters, libraries, hospitals, and office buildings as well as three galleries. I’ve participated in festivals like the Saratoga Springs Art in the Park and the Tides Museum Show and NJPAC Jazz and Blues exhibit. I recently participate as one of ten artists selected for 2015 to paint a violin fund raiser for NJPAC youth programs.I seldom show my work in outdoor venues, but frequently at charity events.