Michael S. Fenton's Art

Art makes the world a better place.

In my late 50’s I started being able to understand what was important to me. About that time my job began to conflict with my values and it became increasingly unsatisfying. So, I retired and I started painting. My work has been exhibited in private and public collections, corporate and commercial galleries, and schools (info on request). I’ve received recognition and awards. Friends and fellow artists have expressed delight in my work and even been reduced to emotional outbursts of one kind or another. All this is fun and I am grateful that I can touch someone with my paintings. I’m no longer in conflict with myself.

Painting gives me joy. Being able to express myself this way is vital. It is my attempt at improving the world where I live. If a painting doesn’t create a reaction in another, it is as if the canvas remained blank and I have failed.

The work in this site represents some of the work I’ve done and some of the phases through which I’ve passed. I enjoyed doing them. If you like looking at them I’m happy. Many have been sold or are for sale. Just having you visit is my reward. I’m always interested in the message you get from the work. So, if you can share your impressions with me, the message, the story, it would be really nice.

Some say that it does not matter what one paints as long as it is well painted.  Not! There is no such thing as a good painting about nothing.  I believe there is a lot of work about nothing. Sad. The subject and the message matter most. Say something, even something stupid. You may not be a genius but you will be an artist. Dali is reputed to have said that he was not a great artist because artist’s are stupid people and since he considered himself a genius, he was therefore not an artist. Was he arrogant, wise, or just being Dali?

To inquire about a commission or purchase write to msfenton@msfenton.com .